Good Fight of Faith Church supports the Evangelistic Ministry of CMA.  Jesus said, "...Go ye therefore."  Matt28:19 And we are commanded to do the work of the Evangelist. 2Tim4:5  Too often, the Church evangelizes itself.  We are too often trying to correct each other.  Well, that's good.  But, we should not neglect the mandate to Minister Christ to a lost and dying world.  If we can't go, we can send another.  And, If we can't send another we can intercede.  And, if we can't intercede, we can encourage.  And, if we won't encourage, we certainly should not hinder.

       CMA stands on the front lines and does the work of the Lord.  We speak wisdom, love, and power into your hands, words, and deeds.  IN JESUS NAME.  You are the salt of the Earth and light in the dark.  We thank God for you.  We love and appreciate you.  Ride with God.  Be safe.  And, as always, keep fighting the Good Fight of Faith.

We speak wisdom and power into your hands, words, and deeds.  In Jesus Name.    

Christian Motorcyclist Association
Don & Jackie
!! Well Done !!
Tracy & Kerri